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We would like to introduce ourselves to you today as a manufacturer of Italian pastries. Our company, located in Salurn (BZ) /South Tyrol Italy, was founded in 2007 and since then we have been striving to meet the wishes of our customers by continuously improving the quality of our products and introducing new products.

Our product range includes a variety of attractive single packs, 50/70/100 g snack bags in different flavours We currently offer the following single pack biscuits: Nano 3 g, Ciao 4 g, Bisko 5,6 g Brio 4 g. (spoon shape), Biscuit 14g (2 pieces individually packed which is suitable for Italian breakfast and airlines).

Depending on your taste, the 50/70/100 g packs, which we stock as classic snack bags or as vending machine packs, come in the following varieties: butter , caramel, cocoa. We will be happy to send you some samples so that you can convince yourself of the quality of our products.

We are IFS , Bio and FDA certified.

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Il Ciao

Weight of 4g.
Box of 200 pieces.
Pallet of 288 boxes.
Vanilla, Cacao, Caramel


Il Nano

Weight of 3g.
Box of 300 pieces.
Pallet of 256 boxes.


Il Brio

Weight of 5g.
Box of 250 pieces.
Pallet of 192 boxes.


Il Bisko

Weight of 5,6 g.
Box of 300 pieces.
Pallet of 160 boxes.
Vanilla, Caramel


La Granella

Box of 5kg.
Pallet of 80 boxes.

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